Fastbraces Technology is an innovative orthodontic treatment specially designed to move teeth fast and efficiently with gentle forces giving you beautiful, straight teeth in a matter of months....not years!!

Dental Inspirations is proud to be your premiere dental practice to offer Fastbraces Technology. Dr Chris Pumford is a Senior Master Affiliate in the Fastbraces system - the only in scotland - and is your No.1 provider.

Fastbraces is:

  • Fast - treatment times range from usually 3 months to a year
  • Affordable - less expensive than comprehensive orthodontics
  • Safe - tested by leading universities in US, Europe and South America
  • Quality - The original. Certified by the inventor and made in the US
  • Simple - Almost always non-extraction treatment
  • Clean - Possibly less decay around brackets due to shorter treatment times.
  • Clear - Aesthetic ceramic brackets available with tooth coloured wire.

Is Fastbraces for you??

  • Do you have gaps between your teeth?
  • Do you have crooked / overlapping teeth?
  • Do you hate having your photo taken?
  • Do you hide or cover your mouth when you speak?
  • Would you like that smile in a few months?
  • Would you like that smile in a few months?
  • Would you like to pay less for your orthodontic treatment?

    If you have answered YES to any of the above questions - you need to contact Dental Inspirations now for a FREE no obligation consultation with Dr Chris Pumford - the No.1 provider of Fastbraces in Scotland.

'AMAZING!! ' D. Laing

Fastbrace Treatment Time - 7 months

Smile Confidently

Six Month Smile

Braces Finance

Improve your smile from £57 per month


Fast Braces

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