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The air we breath can have a huge impact on our health and well being.  Everyday in dentistry, dentists, nurses and patients are exposed to numerous air pollutants during routine dental care and treatment.  The requirement of certain chemicals in materials needed for specific treatments, means daily exposure for the dental team.  Even low level exposure, over time can lead to a serious health problem.  Exposure to airborne microorganisms also increases the risk of infectious disease transmission in the dental surgery.

The main risk of this is during dental treatment procedures.  With the use of high speed drills and ultrasonic scaling, aerolsols made up of moisture droplets containing blood, saliva and filling debris are created.  The droplets are light enough to stay airborne for hours, putting dentists, staff and patients at risk of inhalation of these potential sources of infection.

Recent studies have shown that dental professionals have a higher than average level of inorganic mercury (Hg) in their blood and urine.  With the WHO (World Health Organization) stating that there is no evidence of a safe level of mercury in the body that does not kill cells and/or harm body processes, Dental Inspirations have invested in equipment to minimise patient and staff risk to any potential exposure during dental treatment.  As Mercury (Hg) is odourless and will transform from a solid to a gas at room temperature, the risk of exposure during placement / removal of amalgam fillings is hard to measure.

At Dental Inspirations, with the use of the IQ Air Hg we are striving to reduce your risk.  This equipment captures the mercury vapour and aerosols at the source.  Using a flexible suction vac that is placed as close to the procedure area as possible, these harmful aerosols can be suctioned away before they can be inhaled or disperse into the ambient environment.  With studies and research from the renowned Institute of Hygiene at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, this system has proven and outstanding ability to reduce room levels of Mercury.

From the suction into the IQ Air - the harmful pollutants enter four cartridges where they are processed through serveral types of gas control media.  Each stage of the process, removes VOCs, mercury vapour, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, odours and other gaseous, odourous contaminants.  The last filter stage of this process includes an electrostatically charged post filter, which provides final particle filtration of even the smallest microrganisms.

If you would like more information on the IQ Air please call our reception team on 01224 860220 to make an appointment with Dr Cathryn Peach - our Mercury Free dentist.


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