Porcelain Veneers

Veneers impove the apprearance of chipped, worn, irregularly shaped and heavily filled teeth, and achieve that beautiful white smile you have always dreamt of.  Veneers are often shown on makeover programmes because they can completely transform your smile.

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are custom made and bonded to your teeth.  They usually involve minimal tooth reduction, and are incredibly strong and durable.  They also have a very natural appearance.

With regular examinations and good oral hygiene measures, veneers generally last between 8-10 years or more.

Placement of Porcelain Veneers

Before the finished porcelain veneers can be fitted to your teeth, we must remove a thin layer of enamel from the front of the teeth.  This makes the space for the veneers and helps bond the porcelain to the teeth by roughening the bonding surface.

A thin layer of dental adhesive is then applied to the teeth, and the porcelain veneers are placed.  The process generally takes 2 visits 2 weeks apart, which allows us to achieve outstanding results you will be proud to show off. 

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